Artist WON_ Jacky


I don't agree with what's happening in the world. I can't understand, sympathize, or agree with even a fraction of what is happening to animals, who are treated like objects, like paper knives, curtains, or desks. However, I am not a veterinarian, nor am I trying to be an animal rights activist. I'm just an artist. I just speak in the language of art. Stuffed animals are an adorable medium, but the creatures I create are somewhat bizarre, with cruel facts about animals buried deep within. They are allegories and spokespersons for animals somewhere in this world that are loved and treated horribly.


WONDIMENSION is a masked artist who uses textile techniques to create a kind of speculative fiction. At first glance, his soft sculptures may seem to speak of a dark fantasy world, but at the root of his work is a consistent satirical stance on the treatment and fate of animal beings in human society. The "stuffed animals" are made to be so-called adorable, but in his works, they are grotesquely decorated. It shows the duality of the fate of animals in society, sometimes petted, sometimes devoted to the development of medicine, and sometimes sacrificed for the sake of a healthy public. For WONDIMENSION, the self-taught artist, art is not a language to talk academic knowledge. For him, it is a way to recognize the rights of his fellow citizens who share the same planet and to expose their unfair conditions. His creatures, incarnated in textiles, hide a dystopia and irony behind their mysterious visuals. And his plan is accomplished when the viewer approaches them and realizes their darkness. The sharing of such a world is undoubtedly the purpose of his art.